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Week 1: JULY 2 – JULY 6


9:00 am – Noon
$125.00 per week

Explore the fundamentals of aerodynamics in this hands-on program about how things fly. From the basic principles of flight to exploring the role that wind and the movement of air plays on simple flying devices such as kites, hot air balloons, and parachutes. Our young rocket scientists will assemble their very own water rocket and launch it to astonishing altitudes and investigate how physics and math can help engineer machines that will blast higher, propel further, and fly longer! From the patience of quality construction to the pride of launch and recovery, young scientists will have an educational and exciting experience.

Afternoon Session: EDIBLE SCIENCE

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
$75.00 per week + $25.00 Lab Fee

What melts in your mouth and not in your hands, plumps when you cook it, and comes in more than forty-eight scrumptious flavors? Give up? The correct answer is: Science!

Trade in your lab coat for an apron as we combine your love for food and science. Use everyday foods to learn and test basic science concepts, and occasionally eat your results. Discover which foods can be used to identify acids and bases, learn how to turn your fruits or vegetables into batteries.

Why do onions make you cry? How does yeast make bread rise? What makes popcorn pop, whipped cream frothy and angel food cake fluffy? You'll discover the scientific answers to these and dozens of other tasty mysteries when you prepare kid-tested recipes in this tasty, edible science camp.

Your child can choose to attend any science camp (or more)! Contact Us for more information at 242-394-6715. Seating is limited so sign up early to secure your first choice of camps!

For your convenience we have provided our Student Information Form (click this link) to print and fill out ahead of time. This form is required at the time you make payment.

A counselor will promptly contact you for confirmation. We look foward to seeing your young scientist when camp starts.


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