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Week 5: JULY 30 – AUGUST 3


9:00 am – Noon
$125.00 per week

Each day of camp kids will build gadgets, gizmos, contraptions, and doohickeys constructed with LEGOs and other stuff often found in cupboards, closets, garages, and "junk" drawers. Materials such as plastic soda bottles, marbles, buttons, straws, and cardboard tubes are cut, trimmed, shaped, and bent in order to be glued, stapled, screwed, and taped. They are ultimately formed into objects to be tossed, balanced, spun, flung, and strung, all to demonstrate various principles of physics. Students will perform “Fun to make” and “fun to play” projects and activities that will introduce basic topics such as motion, energy, equilibrium, and gravity.


1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
$75.00 per week

Uncover the secrets of the world’s greatest mysteries and travel back in time to learn about the ancient myths and legends of the world. Discover what it takes to be a young hero or heroine as you go through a series of trials, tests and contests of mind and body. Enter the world of fantasy, fairy tales and dreams. Create lotions and potions and learn how chemical reactions works.Uncover the secrets of the world’s greatest mysteries! What’s the difference between a Bigfoot and a Yeti? Can you track the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle? Do you know exactly how big a giant squid can get? Discover clues to find answers to history’s questions.

Your child can choose to attend any science camp (or more)! Contact Us for more information at 242-394-6715. Seating is limited so sign up early to secure your first choice of camps!

For your convenience we have provided our Student Information Form (click this link) to print and fill out ahead of time. This form is required at the time you make payment.

A counselor will promptly contact you for confirmation. We look foward to seeing your young scientist when camp starts.


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