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Week 6: AUGUST 06 – AUGUST 10

Due to an unexpected death in the family, morning camp: Lego's Extreme Machines and afternoon camp: Amazing Re-Purposed Art have been rescheduled. These camps will take place on the week of JULY 23rd, and our morning camp: Boom! Splat! Kablooey! Squish!; afternoon camp: Messy Outdoor Science Projects camp will take place on the week of August 6th.


9:00 am – Noon
$125.00 per week

Prepare yourself for five days of the messiest, stickiest, and slimiest science that you have ever seen. With noise, mess and safety in mind, this class will investigate the science of chemical reactions, explosions and noise! In an explosion, something gets really big real fast—making a lot of noise (BOOM!), sending a lot of stuff flying in all directions (SPLAT!), giving off a lot of energy (KABLOOEY!), and creating new material or matter (Squish!). Dress to get messed up in this camp! Safety and adult supervision are the main ingredients in all the activities that we perform.


1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
$75.00 per week

One of the things children enjoy most about science experiments is seeing how big of a mess they can make. This camp is ideal for the kids who like to get elbow- and knee-deep in fun. Campers will create and experiment with fun, unusual types of matter and discover how things are made. Some fun messy activities include; how to make invisible ink, to creating "killer slime,” to grossing out family and friends with virtual vomit and pseudo snot, to building mud pie art, or cleaning tables with shaving cream and tooth paste and dressing up their face with homemade face paint. Campers are encouraged to put on an old swimsuit, cover up with sunscreen, and have tons of fun with these messy outdoor science activities! The hardest part about these activities: cleaning up the mess!!!

Your child can choose to attend any science camp (or more)! Contact Us for more information at 242-394-6715. Seating is limited so sign up early to secure your first choice of camps!

For your convenience we have provided our Student Information Form (click this link) to print and fill out ahead of time. This form is required at the time you make payment.

A counselor will promptly contact you for confirmation. We look foward to seeing your young scientist when camp starts.


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